Multi Asset Class

Our philosophy and process

Our multi asset class funds make use of our best high conviction investment ideas from all asset classes to deliver superior returns to achieve the objectives of the mandate. The multi asset class funds allow portfolio managers to invest in various asset classes including equity, property, cash, nominal bonds and inflation-linked bonds, with the use of strategic asset allocation to create the blueprint for the appropriate positioning of each product.

All the multi asset class products use the high conviction investment ideas generated by our team from all asset classes.

Risk management is central to our process and we ensure the funds are well diversified across asset classes, across sectors and across different macro exposures. As a further check, we also ensure the funds’ exposure does not deviate too aggressively from the exposures of their internal strategic benchmarks.

By applying a disciplined process, which is aligned to our investment philosophy, we expect to compound wealth for our client’s overtime and outperform the various benchmarks and mandates set for the funds.